Where do I park?

IWe are located in a business/industrial area off of Pond Springs Roads on Co Rd 186A. If coming from McNeil/183, the road will be on the left just before the light at Turtle Rock Road. You can park anywhere on that road between Pond Springs Road and a fence at a fork where you can either enter into an auto repair shop or storage units. After you park, walk straight towards the storage units. Once you pass the two roads of storage units, turn left and you’ll see us. Click here to see a map.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable gym clothes. Guys typically wear gym shorts and t-shirts and girls wear gym shorts or leggings and tank tops and t-shirts. We got lots of great Voodoo inventory if you are interested. 

What kind of shoes do I need?

When you first come in, wear tennis shoes. A lot of members wear the Reebok CrossFit Nano. Many members also have Lifters for weightlifting days. These shoes have a raised heel, which allow you to squat into a deeper position through increased ankle range of motion. These aren’t required, but are helpful if you are serious about increasing performance.

What are the workouts like?

The classes are divided into 4 parts: warmup, learning or improving skills for the workout, the actual work, and then stretching. 

The workouts change every day. Sometimes the actual workout is only 5 minutes, and sometimes it is 30 minutes. Sometimes there is a focus on lifting heavy weight, and sometimes the focus is on speed.

The workout for each day is posted on Instagram and in our private Facebook group the evening prior. 

What if I have an injury?

In every class the coach will scale or adjust the workout for each individual. We have members who have had knee replacements, broken hands, bummed shoulders, and who have come throughout their whole pregnancy. Be sure to tell your coach if you have any injuries or conditions and they will help you adjust.

What else do I need to bring?

We have water, Bang, and other drinks for sale. You just grab one from the cooler and write your name down on the clipboard and we will charge your account. Many members bring their own water. 

We use Hip Bands a lot in our warmups. Many members have their own, but we do have a few extra for you to use. 

Lastly, many people buy their own jump ropes so they can adjust them to their height. We have extras for you to use and we often have them for sale.

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